Clarifying, resolving and explaining building seismic requirements for owners

Having led the Scentre Group project team that recently completed the seismic upgrade works across the Westfield Shopping centre portfolio, John Letham, with his partners, has formed Gridline NZ to offer seismic solutions to building owners to an industry-leading standard.

  • Extensive expertise dealing with seismic assessments and upgrades means we can assist by helping to ascertain the correct method for assessing the seismic strength of an asset. Identifying and advising to ensure the best eventual outcome for our client. From a commercial aspect as well as an insurability.
  • Gridline can undertake risk analyses based on completed Detailed Seismic Assessment (DSA) or Initial Seismic Assessment (ISA) seismic reports to offer expert recommendations for what your next steps should be whether it be strengthening, demolition, or other any options.
  • Gridline NZ can advise on a client’s responsibilities in dealing with earthquake related health & safety risks under the HSWA.
  • Manage the entire process on behalf of the client, including nominating, appointing, and managing the structural engineers during the collation of any required information and the production of seismic reports.
  • Coordinating the strengthening design process, collating high-level cost plans and budgets, managing the local authority process for works, as well safely and timeously managing the complete remedial works on site.

Services Offered